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Our Values

There are no exclusively United Methodist doctrines. Although we have distinctive emphases, we have no affirmations that are not also believed by other Christian groups. United Mehtodists have traditionally proclaimed the following emphases:
  • The availability of God's grace for all.
  • The essential unity of faith and works.
  • Salvation as personal and social.
  • The church as a community of Christ's disciples who seek to share in God's mission.
  • The inseparability of knowledge (intellect) and vital piety (devotion to religious duties and practices) as components of faith.
  • Seeking holiness of heart and life both as individuals and in or society.
  • A cooperative ministry and mission in the world, often referred to as "connectionalism."
  • The link between Christian doctrine and Christian living.

What We Believe

The United Methodist Church is not a creedal church that requires its members to subscribe to a closely detailed system of beliefs. We affirm core Christian doctrines such as:
  • The Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-both in personal experience and in the community of believers.
  • Salvation by grace through faith in Christ as Savior.
  • The universal Church.
  • The reign of God as both a present and future reality.
  • The authority of Scripture in matters of faith.
  • The essential oneness of the Church in Jesus Christ.
These are beliefs which we share with other denominations. We recognize the right of Christians to differ in doctrine, requiring only the essential belief that God is our Creator, that Jesus the Christ is our Lord and Savior, and that the Holy Spirit is ever present with us.

While we acknowledge the primacy of Scripture in theological reflections, our attempt to grasp its meaning always involve the tradition of the church, personal experience, and the ability to reason for ourselves.
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